About Edit

Glamora is a member of the Revolutionary Order of the wicked. She is Glinda's twin, however they were separated when Glinda cuts a half-moon in her cheek. She is a powerful witch, her power is said to have the ability to rival Mombi's . She is the epitome of true elegance and sophistication.

Appearance Edit

Glamora is stunningly beautiful, and she covers her moon scar with magic. She has perfect hair, and always looks rosy and young. Amy states that she can see Glamora's perfect white teeth when she shows Amy her moon scar. She resembles Glinda in many ways. She can only be seen crying in Gert's death scene, and she says that she traded her tears for beauty, so she cries diamonds.

Personality Edit

Glamora is very prim and proper. She is quite cultured and seems nice. She is said to be hard on the inside and is said to be jealous of Gert.